After arriving in Bankok I drove south to Pattaya, I checked into my hotel and then grabbed a bite to eat, at this hour the only people out were bar owners cleaning up the mess from the previous night. After getting some sleep at the hotel I went out and started my normal bar hop routine on Walking Road where you can find everything from german bratwurst to fresh shashimi.

After a couple of beers I got to the harbor and noticed some floating restaurant in the bay. This seamed like a brilliant idea at the time, however what I learned once I got there was that this place was some sort of a transvestite dance show. I quickly ate a sushi appetizer and fled back to shore.

On the way back down the road, the amount freaks on the street skyrocketed. Thailand is known for its sex culture, but this is the capitol of it. I passed hundreds of hookers trannys and pimps and just as many dirty old men ready to make a purchase. On the safer side of things were go-go bars and the famous "ping-pong show", which everyone should see once. Oh and they had fish that eat your feet...