Sussex Street

After a long week of moving into a new apartment and settling in into my routine here. I ventured down to Sussex street in CBD last night and embarked on a journey to drink beer.

Hyde Park
View of Westfield from Hyde Park
CBD Christmas Tree
The first place I visited was Balcony Bar, I decided to get some fried pork belly here. The food tasted great, but I think they put too much salt in it or something because I was a attacked by a case of the hiccups later in the night. Also the balcony here was pretty limited, considering the name of the place is balcony.

pork belly and a beer
inside Balcony Bar
view from the street
Balcony Bar on Urbanspoon

After moseying about I found this place I recognized called Sepia and decided to have a drink there. The atmosphere at this place stood out to me as one of the more fast paced restaurants I'd ever scene. The staff was running at a mile a minute back and forth, seaming to keep in beat with the fast paced music playing in the background. Although I only had a beer here I'm interested enough  to go back and get a meal at some point.

view of darling harbor
beer and bar at Sepia

sepia from street
Sepia on Urbanspoon

I walked off of Sussex after Sepia and found the Town Hall with images being projected onto it from across the street. For some reason there is a box with a picture of a tower on top of the building, where there is supposed to be a real tower..

Town Hall Projections

Down the street I saw the Hilton and decided I should check out the bar there. After seeing the impressive Hilton bar at Pattaya, I figure I'll checkout every Hilton I find just in-case. After some asking around in the lobby I was directed underground to the Marble Bar. I think it was worth visiting just to admire the style of the decor, however the crowd seamed kinda snobbish. Mostly 20-30 year old business types in expensive suites, seamed like they were just going in circles congratulating each-other on their accomplishments .

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