Raquel's Spanish Kitchen

Last night MR. T and I ended up around Darlinghurst looking for something to eat. While waking down Oxford street we fond a Spanish place called Raquel's Spanish Kitchen. We decided to order the tapas platter and some Sangria to go along with. It was kind-of a long wait but eventually the dishes started coming out of the kitchen. The chorizo was the best, spiced mushrooms were a surprise, croquettes were croquettey and by the time the chicken came out we were both full. The whole meal + sangria + salad + bread was 80 bucks,  had we not gotten a pitcher of sangria and the bread this would have only been 50 bucks to feed two people. That's what you should do when you eat here.

Raquel's from street
from inside
prosciutto, croquettes, cheese, egg and chorizo
croquettes, mushroom, calamari
chicken and chips

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