Icebergs + Bondi Hotel

On Saturday we had cyclone in Sydney and I decided that maybe Bondi would be worth visiting. I chose to make the trip over via the train to Bondi Junction and then grab a cab from there over to the beach. The ride over was mainly filled with people trying to get to kings cross, because I guess that's the default for most Sydneyans on Saturday night. After I got to The Junction the cab took about 5 minutes to get me over to the beach. The first place I wanted to hit was Icebergs, as the ocean view had been nice last time. This time it was stormy enough that from the walkway you could watch waves crash against the side of the pool area.

Inside I ordered some sort of trout dish and enjoyed a glass of wine while I waited. I was lured into the gambling room eventually and quickly made myself five bucks. As I cashed out my buzzer went off for my dish. The fish was sprinkled with pepper and served with a hefty side salad which I felt made it a well balanced meal. Overall I was satisfied with my experience here as my winning offset the cost of the meal and being inside beat being out in the cold.

Icebergs Dining Room and Bar on Urbanspoon

After dinner I walked down the the other side of the beach and went into the Bondi Hotel. There wasnt too much going on here however I did manage to find another beer and a gambling room. Within a couple minutes here I won 15 bucks, however with smoking allowed in the gambling room I couldn't bare to stick around for more and I decided to make my way back to Surry Hills. After getting back the cyclone kicked in  hard, and ended up drenching me from head to toe while I attempted to traverse the river-like streets back to my apartment.

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