Marlowe @ SoMa

I've noticed this place Marlowe a couple of times walking around SoMa, so I decided to pop in the other day and see what it was all about. Marlowe is kind of  a hole in the wall located across the street from the train station, however it offers a compact bar area with a nice selection of beer and wine. Due to my lack of ability to properly schedule my daily activities, it was already about 3pm when I got here and I still hadn't eaten a thing. Unfortunately I'd arrived too late to eat off of the normal lunch menu so my choices were limited, I settled for the Marlowe burger and waited as patiently as a starving person can. The burger was slightly compact and didn't seem very special to me, which it should have considering how starving I was.

Even though I wasn't impressed with my first experience, the lunch menu still drew my interest. I decided to go back during lunch hours and give this place another shot. The pork belly sandwich was a a bit spicy compared to most pork belly preparations I've had, but this made it unique and it turned out to be a nice improvement over the burger.

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