Oakland Visit

Someone had described Oakland to me as a mini San Fran, so I took the subway over the other day to see for myself. I roamed around the larger streets for about an hour, the whole time there was never more then a couple other people in sight in the area, half of them being homeless. Not much was opened at this hour either, it seamed like I spotted 10 restaurants and bars total.

on the street in Oakland

Oaksterdam University
After walking the whole neighborhood I decided to walk back to restaurant/bar I'd noticed earlier called Camber. It seamed to have a good balance between activity and relaxation and it wasn't too dive, normally dive is ok but in this neighborhood I wanted a safe start. The menu was all asian and they had a load of strange custom mixed drinks. I started with an Oaktown Brown Ale, Crepe Battered Catfish and Lemongrass Sausage. When they brought out they food they also brought a custom hot-sauce, loaded with jalapenos which made my nose run heavily. To top off the meal I ordered the Jalapeno Basil Gimlet off of their specialty drink menu, which tasted eerily similar to the hot-sauce that came out with my appetizers.

Lemongrass Sausage
Crepe Battered Catfish
Jalapeno Basil Gimlet 
Camber on Urbanspoon

subway station