Ryu-En @ Kobe Waterfront

There is craft beer in Kobe, however with my limited resources and time I failed to find it during my visit. I tried to find two places listed on a Japanese beer blog, Cafe De Brugge and Sandaya Steak house. However upon visiting Brugge, I found no Japanese craft beer to be drunken at all. Sandaya was located on a waterfront area known as Harborland, after a short subway ride I managed to locate the mall and even find the restaurant, however they were closing by the time I walked in. In retrospect I should have been searching for a place called the Rokko Beer Garden, but maybe next time...

After failing to find any of the craft beer I'd been craving all day, I gave up and decided to checkout my options for dinning at Harborland. Not too far from where I'd located Sandaya, I found a restaurant called Ryu-En where I grilled some Kobe steak while drinking a bottle of hot sake. 

View off of the balcony at Harborland
Other visitors enjoying the view
Compared to Kirana where I ate my Kobe steak lunch, this place cost about half the price, and  offered a much better view to enjoy while eating. The only downside for me was my lack of skill when it comes to timing the cooking of a steak.

Kobe Steak raw
Outside Ryu-En

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