Boom Burger + Kanaal Craft Beer @ Sofia

Located a stones throw from off of Vitoshia Blvd, Boom Burger is the only gourmet burger shop in Sofia. If you go here try one of the more interesting burgers, the boom burger looked nice and tasted fairly good, however the surroundings of the meat were the main contributors to taste; I found myself wishing that I'd ordered the pulled pork ribs burger instead. On the brighter side they serve a wide selection of beer here, I got myself a White Stork, which was a crisp Bulgarian brewed compliment to the meal and helped smooth over any negative feelings. Although gourmet burger culture may have a far way to go in Sofia, when you only have 1 choice that makes this the best one in town.

Inside Boom Burger
Boom Burger
Stork Beer
After the beer we took a cab east to visit Kanaal, from the outside this place is difficult to identify, you can find it by looking for a dark wooden building facade with a white label next to the door. Inside you'll find a comfy modern looking space with a wide variety of European beers available. The staff was eager to chat with us about whatever the subject might be, in this night the topic turned toward nervousness about Vitamin B, the second craft beer bar in Sofia which was planning to open the next day. Their nervousness was comical to me, as now most cities have gone through a craft beer and gourmet burger expansion which can support a whole ecosystem of different varieties; here in Bulgaria the idea of a single competitor is keeping these guys up at night.

In Kanaal
Emelissa Porter
Hammer and Sikkel + the bar

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