NapaHai Lake @ Shangri-La

On the way over to NapaHai Lake we ran into a herd of cows, horses and sheep blocking traffic while an old lady tried to guide them back to safety by banging a stick on the ground, surprisingly this technique worked quite well.

I didn't read about what actually happens at this lake, so I was surprised when all the sudden I was being asked to get on top of a horse. I'm sure this horse thing was some sort of prearranged scam, but I was too lazy to get out of it and decided to just go along. After you get out to the center of the field there is a lady with a sheep who will ask you for money to take pictures with the sheep on your shoulder like a bazooka, I don't know why but this one thing helped erase the pain from the horse scam.

After the equestrian experience my diver took me into the mountains north of NapaHai Lake to something which I couldn't understand till we got there. Shangri-La Ski Resort... Actually I still don't fully understand this move, but I took the opportunity to climb the ski lift poles for some photos, and then explore the surrounding community. Here I encountered some old ladies dealing with agriculture and livestock, and a little Christmas tree farm with a shrine in the middle.

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