Lovina Sales Pitch

With darkness already setting in and little time to search for a hotel room for the night, I settled for the first place my driver could find, missing things like AC and a flush-able toilet. The next day I awoke feeling tired and irritable, while I sat on the deck cycling through my morning routine, a man walked up and welcomed himself to take a seat on my unit's deck. I'd barely digested the presence of this person before he started blabbering nonsense about how important it was that I come to the free breakfast. While I drank my morning coffee he eventually switched to trying to pitch a diving trip and a more expensive hotel room. I tried to give the polite social queue to go away by stating that I was going to take a shower, however this only prompted him to argue that I didn't need to shower here because the new hotel room would have a nicer shower. Eventually I just walked inside and locked the door.

Since this scoundrel had wasted half an hour of my time, I decided I'd try to return the favor by wasting some of his. After I showered (he waited outside of my room), I went along with him on a motor bike to the office of another hotel. After looking at each room, and hemming and hawing about the aspects of each one, he would say in an increasingly agitated voice, "Ok you will take this room!", to which I responded each time that I couldn't make up my mind right away. After the fourth room, and the fourth time saying this statement in the exact same way, the scoundrel exclaimed with his voice cracking , "Your brain thinks too much! You will never make up you're mind, you never make a decision!". He then walked in a heavy footed ferver over to his motorcycle while his fit degenerated into an all out racist rant. As he started up the motorcycle and sped off down the road I felt the joy of revenge.

Black sands of Lovina
Sunset at Lovina
Shopping area
Bar street
Random alleyway