Kyoto to Kobe

This morning before I caught the train from Kyoto to Kobe, I dropped by the Kyoto Tower to get a final view of Kyoto fro above. It was nothing too special, however it's always healthy to get a good view of your surroundings.

Kyoto Tower
View in a direction, not sure which one

Bungalow @ Kyoto

After recovering from walking up to the temple earlier in the day I finally made it out to research some more beer at a craft brew pub called Bungalow. Getting there took a subway ride to Shijo and a long walk in the snow. There was no sampler to be had here, so I worked my way through the darks on the list one small glass at a time while I gnawed on some broccoli.

Some Snow in Kyoto
Outside Bungalow

Smile Burger @ Kyoto

Smile burger is located just out side the exit of the Kiyomizu-Dera temple, as I walked by starving from kilometers of walking,  I couldn't resist popping inside. They serve a range of burgers and sandwiches and a couple types of beer, this might not be the place to take a date your trying to impress but if appears to have all the essentials if you just want a good meal. I got myself a salsa burger, which tasted amazing. The fresh bread, soft cloud of meet, and salsa flavoring all fused into a wholesome gestalt.

Outside Smile Burger

Kiyomizu-Dera @ Kyoto

After my breakfast at Tadgs Gastro Pub, I decided to travel east into the hills of Kyoto to Kiyomizu-Dera. The walk there took me through Gion, the most geisha district of Japan; and up through the streets of Old Town Kyoto. Old Town was actually built to service tourists visiting the temples of Kyoto several hundred years ago, however it has a traditional feel to it that's well worth seeing. 

Walking along the Kamo River

Tadgs Gastro Pub @ Kyoto

Tadgs Gastro Pub was located about a 2 minute walk from my hotel near the Kamo River. They have several local craft beers on tap and a wide selection of local bottled beers also. I chose to do a tasting of 3 beers and ordered a seared beef appetizer to help myself wake up. While I waited for the beer and beef to be prepared the eclectic music and a fresh snowfall outside helped calm my sake hangover.

Bar@ Tadgs
View of the snow outside

Haeundae Beach @ Busan

The day after landing at Busan, I took a stroll around Haeundae to get a feel for the place. It's a culturally diverse, tourist friendly and extremely expensive area; reminding me of the general feeling you get walking around Santa Monica.

Sand sculpture on the beach