Danuphyu Daw Saw Yee Myanma @ Yangon

Located on 29th street, close to the hotel I'm staying in is traditional Burmese shop called Danuphyu Daw Saw Yee Myanma. The dishes you find here can be found on the street for cheaper, however here you might have a balance of better hygiene, yet not served with a western makeover. Ordering is pretty simple, point at whichever pan looks appealing and see what happens; I chose a couple of veggie trays and a piece of pork and within 5 minutes I had a collection of dishes on my table. I can't say this was my favorite south east asian dish, however the pork was tasty and the value for my k5,000 (4 usd) is not something I'll contest.

View from 29th street
The menu

Dallah Tsunami Village @ Yangon

To access Dallah, all you need to do is hop onto a ferry across from the Strand hotel, after about 10 minutes you'll be on the south side of the Yangon river surrounded by trishaws and motorbikes fighting for your attention. Dallah is far too big to walk, so you have no choice to but to negotiate a deal with someone if you want to see the whole area.

View of the Dallah side of the river from the ferry
Exiting the ferry

Mingaladon Bazaar Station @ Yangon

Advertised on blogs as the cheapest and easiest way to see how real Yangonian's live, The Circular Train takes you from Yangon Central Railway Station all the way up and around the international airport and back. I hopped on with little knowledge about my sight seeing options along the way, and by the time I actually found a map that listed the stop names, we had already passed the few I recognized.

Yangon Central Train Station
Everyone had to switch platforms

Blue Sky Lounge @ Ulaanbaatar

The Blue Sky Lounge is located on the 23rd floor of the Blue Sky building, a sail shaped thing in the center of Ulaanbaatar. From the window you can appreciate the dated cityscape of a developing third world country, vast snow covered hills surrounding the city and gigantic columns of pollution rising up from the West. The beer selection here was a waste, however the crispy pork belly dish reminded me of some of the best meals I had when I was living in Sydney.

Blue Sky Building
View East

MB Beer Plus @ Ulaanbaatar

MB Beer Plus is a cozy little brewery and restaurant located close to central Ulaanbaatar. They serve 4 beers here(Wiezen, Amber, Lager and Black Consul) and a mix of international and local food. When I dropped in I had beef dumpling soup and a couple of beers to start my day; the Dark Consul had a dry effervescent taste to it and the warm soup was a great to compliment to the -20 C temperature outside. Each of the breweries I visited in UB was oriented toward a German style experience, however I felt like MB Beer plus had the most original tasting beer and overall atmosphere compared to the others. The rest of the town must agree, because when I dropped in at night the place was buzzing with energy.

Dark Consul and Amber

Grandma Liu @ Lijiang Baisha Village

Lijiang's Baisha Village is an old Naxi settlement, located north of old town near the foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. When I read about the village there was a comment on the post explaining that if you are approached by an old lady who invites you into her house to share some tea, that its totally normal. So when I was walking through the village 3 hours later and this happened to me, I thought I would give it a shot.

She took me into her recently remodeled house and sat me down at an old wooden table with a pile of guest books on it. If there is such thing as a Naxi accent, I'm pretty sure this lady has it, I was unable to understand almost anything she said. Luckily she understood me when I asked if she had any beer(Ni You Pijou Ma?), she went into her kitchen, dug through some dirty boxes for a minute and then a large bottle of local Baijiu was dropped in my lap.

Grandma Liu