Victoria Peak & Hong Kong Brew House

For my first morning in Hong Kong I wandered around the area immediately around my hotel. About half a kilometer away I was surprised to run into the Honk Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens, which was a nice treat for my morning with no charge for admission.


Pyong Ga Ok @ Seoul

Since I was closer to North Korea then I've been before, I decided to track down an authentic North Korean Restaurant and see how it compared to the state sponsored one I'd had in Beijing. I goolgled for a bit and was was fairly frustrated with the results, most of the directions to get to these places made it sound like I would need to be able to read Korean to be able to track the place down. Lucky I finally found a blog post on Pyong Ga Ok, which described it's location just outside the Gwanghwamun subway station in detail. 

North of Gwanghwamun
Pyong Ga Ok from outside

Craftworks Taphouse & Magpie Brewing @ Seoul

While I was in Insadong I googled Korean breweries and found that there were two craft breweries to the south in Iteawon 2 Dong, Craftworks and Magpie. I decided to try my luck at locating them and took the subway down toward Noksapyeon station. Without wifi to tap, my ipad was useless in helping to locate the place, so I walked in the general direction I figured I might find them. After strolling up and back down the street I'd hoped it would be on, I hung a right back onto the main road and spotted it in plain sight.

When I walked in there were a couple people waiting for tables, lucky for me someone had just left the bar so I was able to sit down immediately. I orderd myself the sampler pallet which serves you a taste of every beer on the menu except for the seasonal and got the Craftworks burger to fill my starving tourist stomach. While I waited on the burger I managed to clear through everything on the sampler, although not all astounded me, the IPAs were decent and the Oatmeal stout was worth ordering to go along with my burger. The burger was beef, yet topped with bacon and pulled pork, which turned out to be an awesome combination.

Entry to Craftworks Taphouse

Insadong and Bukchon @ Seoul

Before flying to Korea I did a small amount of research and found that the only attraction which seamed of much interest to me was Bukchon, an area preserved the same way Koreans lived in Seoul 75 years ago. I made visiting here one of two goal for my trip, the second goal was to use the subway as my main mode of transportation.

After getting up I emptied out my backpack and walked to 711 to buy some water and some junk food to hold me over for the duration of my ride from Gangnam to North Seoul. I boarded at Seoullong on the green line and transferred to the orange which got me up to Anguk station in about 45 minutes. Not having a smartphone or a compass to work with, I guessed which direction north might be from my exit.

It didn't take long to figure out that my guess was wrong, I had walked south into Insadong, but with the thousands of tourists walking about and restaurants lining the area my senses were stimulated. I decided to look around and find a bite to eat here before heading north, after a small hunt walking up and down the side-streets from the main walking street, I decided on a little restaurant called Tree. Although it was quite a cookie cutter of a Korean meal, the beer was cheep and the wifi helped me plan for the night ahead.

I have no idea what these were but everyone wanted one

Gangnam Station @ Seoul

Shortly after arriving at my hotel in Gangnam at 2:00 am, I ventured out to discover what this area was about. After having a drink at one of the first bars I could find near my hotel, the bartender told me that I was basically in the wrong area, and that it would be a good idea to catch a cab toward the Gangnam station subway stop.

The first alley way I walked down on the east side of the station was lined with restaurants and bars however they were all closed or closing, eventually I made my way to the west side of the station where I was able to find some signs of life. After walking the street for a while I decided to try a beer themed place called new Bray Beer, as I wasn't looking to wake with a major hangover the next day. As I got down to the bar I discovered they too were closing, however they were willing to let me buy one beer and hangout for a couple minutes to munch on some of there neon pink appetizers and listened to k-pop.

Emptied out bar street

Para Luhur Uluwatu

My last day in Bali I arranged to get a driver to take me from Ubud to the airport at Denpasar. Having not seen much of the area around Kuta, I paid a bit extra to get the guy to take me around to some extra tourist attractions. By this point in the trip I'd just about had it with the constant sales pitches everywhere I went, so when one of the "attractions" along the way turned out to be a handy-craft store, I almost reached over and strangled the guy. I could tell as we drove away from the handy-craft store that the driver was visibly shaken by whatever look I'd given him, this must have set the course straight again because there were no more "shit attractions". The highlight of the day was a temple called Para Luhur Uluwatu on the cliffs of south Kuta, where I watched the sun set one last time before flying back to Beijing.

Looking down from quite a high cliff