During my hung-over sunday, I ventured out yet again. I went north with no plan really, the goal was to maybe hit a couple of pubs to wind down the weekend. Somehow I ended up just south of where Oxford Street crossed William Street where I found a block or so of interesting restaurants that were a bit separated from the herd. After checking out the whole street I decided to venture into one called Aquaviva's.

outside aquavivas darlinghurst
Outside Aquaviva's
There is a nice little bar downstairs but I went right up to the second story to look around. What I found was out of place, but neat. The decor was a mish-mash of semi Victorian furniture with clashing colors and oddly placed wall decorations. In addition to the inside there was a nice little deck outside the second story that on a more sunny day I might have been tempted to eat at. Overall the place seamed just random enough that it took away my sunday boredom for a bit. I decided to stick around and order the kangaroo steak and some wine to go along.

upstairs at Aquaviva's

My Wine
The disappointing thing about this place was the portion of my food. This was a 25 dollar Kangaroo steak, and it was basically a couple of bites. It didn't taste bad however, I would describe the taste of this kangaroo as a mix between pork and steak, definitely worth trying again under cheaper circumstances!

Kangaroo steak
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Unknown said...

They don't appear to have used up too much of the kangaroo with that steak!

CurryBadger said...

Yeah I think you would have to order 10 of this dish in order to qualify as a meal.

Anonymous said...

I came here last night and ordered the kangaroo steak and it was 6 pieces, with watercress on the pickled beetroot as well. Your photo looks like it's been half eaten! Or maybe they've improved since your visit.

CurryBadger said...

I hope they've improved, maybe they only had baby kangaroo when I went.