Kings Cross + Victoria Room

After a safe ferry trip from Manly Beach to the wharf at Circular Quay I grabbed a drink some bar next to the Opera House and contacted Mr. T. We decided that we would meet up at Kings Cross and get some drinks.

I wasn't sure what to expect at Kings Cross, but it turns out to be a Sunset Strip style hangout. Loaded with people dressed up ready to party all night, and cops out ready to arrest drunks. There was also a Gigantic Coke sign. The first couple places we went in were pretty generic night life, we didn't bother with any that required a cover. In one of the places we witnessed a chick pull the chair out from under her boyfriend, leaving him in a painful looking position on the floor. This was a strategic attack on her part, crafted to leave no chance of escape, she was obviously well experienced in the art of "Australian Chair Snatching". After the chair incident we decided to go find some street food to munch on.

greasy kebab
After some greasy kebabs, we walked down a side street for a while till we found a place called Victoria Room. Inside the place had a comfortable retro feel and an interesting drink list. The gourmet drinks were about 30 a piece, but they also offer a good selection of beer and wine including there own wines. I'm not sure what the drink is I ordered but it had a piece of popcorn and orange in it. From the tube shaped chandeliers to the popcorn in my drink, this place has an energetic atmosphere and a truly original style to it.

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