Judgement Bar & Bistro

Walking through Darlighurst the other day, I happened into the Judgement Bar & Bistro for a bight to eat. This place is kind-of hidden, in order to get in you need to go into courthouse hotel and find an unmarked staircase to the second floor. The layout is simple and the atmosphere is unexciting, however they are a bit separated from the insanity of central Darlinghurst, and serve beer and burgers! I had them throw some egg and bacon on my burger, and got some calamari to go along with. I didn't realize it when I ordered but I guess it was a steak burger and it was a nice balance with the egg and tar tar sauce that came on it, the calamari isn't anything special, but it rarely is. All in all I'd say this is a nice place to stop for a burger when in Darlinghurst.

Judgment bar from outside
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