Bangladesh Rally and Kangaroo

Today I was feeling adventurous and got off the train some place I didn't recognize called Martin Place. I came to realize that this is pretty much right in the middle of CBD where I've been many times. However today was a special event, in celebration of St Patrick's Day a Bangladeshi war crimes rally was happening. I stayed around for a little while the guy on the mike ranted about rising up and avenging our fathers killers. I asked the Bengals around me several times if there was any free beer and each time they would react differently; either giving me a new pamphlet or speaking some gibberish or even just walking away. I could see that they were avoiding answering my questions so I chose to go find more rational people.

Down the road I popped into Harts Pub again and grabbed myself some Butcher Porter, I was tempted to get food here but they had an all Irish menu for St Patrick's Day. I decided to walk into an ally way where I found a random pathway with a couple shops and restaurants. Reading a sign posted there I found that this was called Nurses Walk and right ahead of me was The Suez Canal. I walked up to the Suez Canal and took a right, walking toward the main road the buildings converged until you walk through a tiny sliver at the end popping you out onto street.

On the main road now I didn't have to search hard to find some food, pretty much right outside of the Suez Canal I found the Rocks Cafe and sat down for a beer. I ordered a Kangaroo burger from the kitchen and watched all of the people flooding into the area to begin celebrating the holiday. The burger that eventually showed up at my table was gigantic, well meat-wise anyway, it was lacking anything else on it though. This serving was more then enough to help settle my appetite, however if your searching for an interesting meal then this might not be the place to go.

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