Galmegi Pub & Tap and Tapas Gastropub @ Busan

With it's location on the third floor of a building a bit off of the Gwangalli strip, Galmegi Pub seems like a decent place to sneak off to if you don't want to be seen while your getting loaded. It was nice to try some of the local beer here, however lots of them had a very similar taste, and my favorite turned out to be an import from the US. The food menu was mainly pizza, which I've personally not enjoyed as a compliment to craft beer, so I decided to skip having a meal here and move on to the next place. This place didn't strike a chord with me, however to be fair this also isn't their main venue, their sister place Galmegi Brewery is located in the back streets of Gwangalli and may offer a different array of choices.

Galmegi Pub from the street

Galmegi beer sampler 
Bar @ Galmegi
Tap and Tapas Gastropub is right on the main strip, a bit to the north of Galmegi Pub. The variety of beer on tap here was wide, including some stranger ones like pineapple. The menu offered a variety of Mediterranean meals and appetizers, from chorizo to baby octopus. Unfortunately for me I'd eaten a full meal already by the time I located this place, so I limited my consumption to an asparagus appetizer. If I come back to Busan I'll be stopping by this place again.

Outside Tap and Tapas Gastropub
Beer sampler

Asperagus tapa

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