Taejongdae Lighthouse @ Busan

Getting to the Taejongdae Lighthouse from where I was staying in Haeundae Beach took about 2 hours, and consisted of a subway ride, a bus ride, and mini tourist train called the Danubi for the final leg of the journey. After hopping off the Danubi, there seemed to be infinite stair steps from the road to the Sinseon Rocks below the lighthouse. The rocks have a steep drop-off, going maybe 250 meters down, with no barrier or signs to prevent a naive tourist from stepping right over the edge.

What I learned later after a bit of research is that the lack of protection may very well be a gimmick, as the Korean word Sinseon translates to suicide. Apparently many locals come to this spot each year specifically to jump off of this cliff.

Taejongdae Lighthouse
Looking down toward Sinseon Rocks
Stairway down

Looking up  at the lighthouse from Sinseon Rocks
Looking over the edge of the rocks

Koreans contemplating suicide
More Koreans contemplating suicide