Slums and Cricket

After yesterdays experience getting stranded with no cab to take me home, I decided to keep my exploring local today.  I found that as soon as got off of the main road and ventured into the slum I started getting weird looks. I managed to see a couple of goats, one guy was carrying a goat like it was his baby and another guy was chasing his goat that had gotten off the leash.

Outside the slum
Next to the ... farmers market?
An outer road in the slum
I was trying to take a picture of the goat, but it ran away to quick
 As I got to the edge of the slum, I encountered a strange area between run down collapsing structures and construction zones for new buildings. These slum dwellers all seamed to be in agreement that this was where to come to play cricket, there were probably 10 games in session here.

One cricket game of small children disassembled itself in order to chase me. I figured they were onto me, I was about to get knifed or robbed or something and then maybe sacrificed to a goat. Within 1 minute of the first kid running up I had about 10 kids around me, these kids may have never seen a light skinned person before. They followed me for about 5 minutes and asked me what country I was from, what city I was from, if I played cricket, and a lot of other things I couldn't understand. To my surprise these kids weren't interested in begging for money, they were genuinely excited that an American alien was at their cricket game.

These are the the first two Cricketeers chasing me down

End of the road