Today is an annual celebration known as Holi. On the eve of this day people gather all types of trash and wood and make big piles in there villages as a tribute to their evil god. They then light these piles on fire in what appears to be a very dangerous celebration, I'm pretty sure this is symbolic of a sacrifice. On the morning of Holi, you're expected to drink a THC based milk shake called Bhang that's only legal on this one day of there year. And then as the day commences people wander around the street high and throw water balloons at each-other and smear paint on each-others bodies.

I put on some old unwanted clothes and caught a cab out to the beach at Juhu. It didn't take long to get paint rubbed on my face, and it took only a couple minutes longer to witness a brutal police beating. I wandered the beach for a bit and witnessed some cricket games, some guys rolling around the sand play fighting and a mob of young men groping an innocent girl who was probably on vacation from Europe. Once I couldn't handle the heat of the sun on my painted face anymore I found my way off the beach and located a rickshaw.

The road was fairly unsafe today. During my ride to Bandra we almost ran into shirtless man who decided to stop in the middle of the road and stair into the sun. He had probably entered into a dream reality brought on from the Bhang, and was on the cusp of uncovering the secrets of the universe. I'm generally fine with this type of behavior but this guy then proceeded to try to get into my rickshaw. I escaped this only to have a near death experience while my driver tried to do a U-turn through an oncoming bus. After the painful ride I needed something to calm my nerves so I ate some lamb heart.


Restaurant seating
This is the leftovers from the lamb heart