Bouncing Around South Mumbai

My taxi driver got clipped by a dump truck today and a 20 minute argument ensued on the side of marine drive in South Mumbai. After this, I was practically pushed into a hand craft shop so the driver could get some sort of a kickback for bringing me there. When I politely tried to explain that I would maybe come back at a later time to purchase something, the owner got upset and went on a rant. He explained in detail how his father left and said he would come back and then was run over by a bus in front of him. As I made an effort to flee the shop I was cursed at.

I managed to get over to the The Leopold cafe and order some beer. I had to hand over my bag to a cop for inspection, I guess this place got attacked or bombed a couple years ago. After I was buzzed I decided to check out the shops surrounding it. The interesting stuff was the sidewalk venders, they setup in a way that encloses the whole sidewalk so you have to walk through there shop to get to the next street. Three or Four people tried to sell me bongos, I'm not a musician so these people were probably dumb. On my way back to the cab I ran into a monkey.

On the way to North Mumbai I stopped over at the Haji Ali. I think this was kind-of a boring attraction as there wasn't much inside, and when I tried to take pictures I was told not to. I don't mean to brag but I'm the type of guy that can smell a goat from 50 yards away, so I wasn't surprised when I came upon a whole cluster of them. The sheep on the other hand was a surprise.

Cafe Leopold
Beer at the Cafe

pussy whipped monkey

People walking near the Queens Necklace





haji ali gate
inside haji ali

random guy at haji ali
they brought too much building material

view of coastal skyline from haji ali

haji ali beggers

praying goat

goat eating near haji ali entrance

shops before near the entrance

Haji Ali from the mainland