North Beach / Little Italy

I made a walk up to North Beach last night and found a pretty nice area to spend some time. It's just north of China Town and it doesn't have a beach like the name might suggest. I think North Beach might be the same thing as Little Italy because almost every restaurant I found here was Italian, otherwise it must be in state of flux similar to Schrodinger's cat.

strip clubs
Columbus Street
I wasn't feeling like eating Italian, so when I saw the first non-italian place, Oreilly's Irish Pub, I went right in. The place is decorated with all kinds of pictures, books and stuff posted on the walls, making it feel original, but almost pushing it into an artificially homely feel. I got myself a pint of Guinness and ordered the salmon tacos, which turned out to be quite enjoyable.

Oreilly's Irish Pub
bar view @ Orielly's

salmon tacos @ Orielly's
O'Reilly's Irish Pub and on Urbanspoon

After getting out of Orielly's I walked west on Green across Columbus Street. This street was fully loaded with Italian places, from basic pizza shops to expensive restaurants. Among all them I found a nice little wine bar called Dell'uva and grabbed myself a seat at the bar. I ordered a glass of pinot and enjoyed while the place closed down for the night. It wasn't a peak night here, but I enjoyed the soft ambiance while sipping down my wine before my walk back.

Looking up Green Street
Dell'uva from outside
looking out at Green Street
wine at Dell'uva's
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On the walk back I went through the financial district and found some beautifully lit up buildings to photograph. Including the Transamerica Pyramid which I went right to the base of.

view south on Columbus

Transamerica tower up-close