Friday I got a late start at getting out into the world, I was interested in taking a ferry to Sausalito, however the last one coming back would be in 2 hours. I decided that I would do it and just budget my time carefully while I was there.

San Francisco from the Water
Golden Gate Bridge

Not much was going to happen in one hour so I took a quick stroll south to checkout what the area looked like. The part that I checked out was basically a single road with shops strung along it, in front of a lush hillside scattered with houses.

in Sausalito

Sausalitan houses
After a budgeted time of exploration, I found the first building that might house a bar called Scoma's and entered. Inside I found a seating area which seamed cramped and an awkward retro looking bar with nobody seated at it, which is a bad sign on a Friday night. I ordered a beer here and enjoyed the view looking out into the water as some other bar goers showed up. The bar tender got too busy talking with the two newcomers to prepare my bill, so I listened for 10 minutes while he talked about various things including the bars recent renovation. By the time I finally escaped this place I realized I only had time to hit one more attraction.

Scoma's from the outside
Scoma's Sausalito on Urbanspoon

After a hurried walk, I found a place called BAR, which I knew would be more enjoyable then Scoma's. There was no view here, however they had some decent choices for beer and the bar tender was doing his job properly. He explained that the place had been open for 50 years and was commonly referred to as the No Name Bar. After sipping down some Down-town Brown Porter as quickly as possible I made my way out to try and catch the ferry.

Bar at Bar

On the way back the fog began to roll in, changing the whole feel of the bay in 20 minutes. Alcatraz looked particularly creepy in the fog. I used the opportunity to take pictures of the fog to fend off a grey haired old lady who was trying to get me to have dinner with her.

Alcatraz in the fog