A Cat and a Gecko

While walking around during the day I noticed a sign with a cat on it that seamed to be advertising a restaurant hidden in an alleyway. The cat stuck in my mind all day so when dinner time came around I decided to go back and investigate. After ordering a noodle bowl I waited for a while and sipped on my beer to pass the time, after about 15 minutes something interesting happened. A car drove up next to the restaurant and a kid hopped out with a large box and rushed into the kitchen area of the restaurant, literally 20 seconds later someone popped out of the same door to bring me my dish and the kid ran back to the car. The dish was a great value and the owner seamed like a cool person to chat with, but I'm pretty sure there was no kitchen behind that door.

outside Cuon Cuon
noodle bowl
After my outsourced food experience, I wandered from bar to bar looking for an interesting place to hangout and get drunk. After several places, I found myself disappointed in how tourist oriented most of them were and decided to search for something off the main drag. 

Nestled at the end of a dark dead end road behind some youth hostels, I found a little place called Blue Gecko Bar. The price of a beer here was 1/4th any place I'd been so far during my night so I decided to settle here for a while and save some cash. After overhearing some Australians chatting about India, we struck up a conversation and I joined there table. They had some cool stories about traveling around Asia back in the 80s and provided a bit of information about the history of Nha Trang, but when I tried to tap their knowledge base to get advice about where I should travel to tomorrow or how I might be able to get there, I'd consistently get these generic hippy answers like, "Hey man it's your journey, just let it take you where it feels right". After things wound down there, I walked back to my hotel with a mild contact high from the weed they'd been smoking, and with no idea where I'd end up tomorrow.

looking out at the street from Blue Gecko