Sausalito Revisited

I took another trip over to Sausalito today to see if I could find some more interesting places to visit then Scoma's. I made sure not to eat all morning so by the time I arrived I was famished. In an effort to see what I missed last time I walked north of the touristy strip where I came across The Seafood Peddler. It was pretty empty in here and a bit expensive, but the Halibut was a fresh and tasty reward for starving myself. The bread was pretty nice also. I'm sure there's many other options for fresh seafood up here, but this one hit the spot.

bar @ Seafood Peddler

outside Seafood Peddler
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walking around north Sausilito

After wondering around a bit I settled down at the The Trident to enjoy happy hour. From inside there was a fairly good view out into the bay, and outside there was a deck with a wealthy supply of seating for anyone who wants to enjoy the breeze. I ordered some $4 happy hour fish tacos and several beers while I waited for the ferry to come in. This place is definitely worth a return visit for the view and the atmosphere.

outside The Trident
deck view

fish tacos @ Trident
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While waiting in line to get back onto the fairy, some old guy with a mustash sat down with a guitar and a dog next to the waiting people.  At first the people closest kind of backed away with fear in reaction to his awkward presence, however after he got going he put on a good show, making his dog sing along to the songs he played and coaxing people to put money in the dogs mouth.

guy with dog

golden gate bridge