Thirsty Bear Brewery

I decided to go ahead and find a new brewery this afternoon. The closest thing I could find to my apartment was ThirstyBear Brewery on Howard and 3rd. Inside you'll find more then enough space to bring a big group of friends, they also sport an outside deck, and you can check out the brewing area through a glass looking area.

Thirsty Bear From Outside
Barrels at Thirsty Bear
I decided to get the salmon plus the shrimp appetizer, and the beer sampler to go along with it. The beer sampler was loaded, and proceeded to get me loaded while I enjoyed my seafood. While eating the salmon I felt the distinct poke of a fish-bone on my throat, lucky after a small coughing fit, several swigs of beer and a slice of bread, I got it down safely.

I took some notes on the beer for future reference:

Polar Bear: very bitter
Valencia Wheat: smooth vanilla and lemon 
Myer Esb: malty and smooth
Kozlov: like guinness but toned down
Howard Street IPA: basil and bitter
Seasonal A(Irish stout): flat, bitter and malty
Seasonal B(Belgium amber ale): sweet caremel with blackberry
Brown Bear: effervescent, hoppy and malty
Golden Vanilla: basically taste like vanilla

Beer Sampler
Beer names
salmon appetizer
shrimp appetizer
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