Morning in Nha Trang

After scanning the immediate area for places to eat, I settled for a little shack next to my hotel which had slightly more reasonable prices than the surrounding places. For about 3 dollars I was able to get a nice alligator dish to get my morning going. Later on in the day I noticed several other clones of this place around town using the exact same menu, I was slightly disappointing that I'd chosen the Nha Trang's equivalent for Mc Donalds, but I guess I should have realized that a place called "Same Same But Cheaper", might not be the most original place around.

Same Same But Cheaper
After breakfast I ventured out to get a grip on my surroundings. It only took about 30 minutes to walk around the entire tourist area, what I discovered here was beach, food, alcohol and Russians. Quite a few US citizens use Hawaii as there go to paradise vacation spot, Nha Trang is the Russian equivalent of this. About half of the bars here have Russian names, and all of them have Russian and English menus. It's pretty much a Russian tourist trap.

Hung Vuong Street
good pathway for a morning run
south on the beach
north on the beach