Muslim Food Street @ Xian

I've been to several food streets around China, however, my experience in Xian was probably the most rewarding. Really it is more than just a food street, the main street is just the center of an entire neighborhood known as the Muslim Quarter which deserves your exploration. Here many restaurants make an effort to show off the days offerings by hanging the carcasses of dead animals from hooks on the street facing side of the shop. It's really an efficient and representative way to advertise whats for dinner, I think if all restaurants were forced to do this it would make people reconsider where they ate.

Carcass decorations
One of the less touristy streets of the Muslim Quarter
Aside from the meet decorations, there are tons of interesting Muslim street foods to test out from quail eggs on a stick to hand-stretched noodles, and every form of lamb you can imagine. Both the snacks and restaurants kept me coming back to dine in between checking out other attractions during my stay in Xian.

Quail eggs
Lamb soup stand

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