Last night I took the train over to newtown with Mr. T to see what this area was about. Right out of the train station you land on the main drag, and from here you can find 10-15 bars and about a hundred restaurants. First we checked out the Bank Hotel Bar for a drink, I was reminded of the type of layout you might find in a Venice or Santa Monica restaurant. I've gotten used to the less order layout of some of the places in Sydney but I could tell that they had thought this place out well to make you want to hang around for more drinks.

We traveled on from here to find some food, and decided on thai. After walking half a mile or so we found some place who's name I cant remember which offered very reasonable prices for sydney, together both of our meals cost 28 bucks. The smell of the restaurant was saturated with the spices and curries of the kitchen which was in the corner behind the counter, adding to the the sounds of the cooking and the taste of the food to create an immersive thai experience.

Thai place
Crying Tiger

After Thai we walked across the road and found coopers hotel bar with an open roof, not as cool as the first one, but still you could tell they had put some thought into making you feel comfortable there. It was also nice to have the moon peaking down at you from the ceiling.