South American Food on Cleveland Street

After getting home tonight I decided to go out in the rain and find a place to eat out. I made my way to Crown street in Surrey Hills and walked the street to investigate my options. The restaurants ranged from Japanese to Indian food, and from high end diner to hole in the wall shack.

two Indian restaurants on Cleveland
view of where Cleveland crosses Crown
walking up Crown
pizza place on Crown street
I decided I wasn't too interested in anything this street had to offer so I made my way down Cleveland street. After a short search I stumbled upon a South American themed place called Boteco. Here I found a good selection of food and a nice atmosphere. I decided to order lamb, chorizo and pork belly. The dish came along with some sort of south american version of the french fry which wasn't made from a potato.

boteco sign
bar at boteco

view of the restaurant
my dish
Overall the place was enjoyable, the food was good and the atmosphere was rich. As I was leaving the place the owner came outside to tell me he is tearing the place down and building a different type restaurant.

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