Sydney Opera House and Downtown

I had some appointments in Darlinghurst today around lunch time, not knowing what I would do with the rest of my day I brought my camera just in case. After I was all finished I felt energetic and decided to walk north toward the Sydney Opera House.

Oxford street near Crown
on Riley near Williams
one of the few places you can't drink in public here

After navigating through some unfamiliar city blocks, I found myself in a park called Domain. Domain is some sort of a nature reserve with all sorts of gardens and things like that, I was more interested in the opera house however I realized I could probably see the opera house from Domain. Surely enough the view was great, not only of the opera house but the entire waterway.

the north shore
trees at domain
domain rock
Sydney opera house
another domain rock
After taking some snapshots I made my way back through domain and decided to go toward the skyscrapers of downtown. I found a pathway through a hospital that lead me right into the middle of everything.

view toward hospital
inside downtown
next street in down town
I ate in downtown at a place not worth mentioning and then walked southwest until I got back to my origin at Waterloo. The whole walk was about 10k