Reunification Palace

With some time to kill in the afternoon, I managed to get out of the hotel and walk my way over to the Reunification Palace. The ticket in was about a dollar and can be purchased in a building to the left of the entrance gate. On the inside the grassy grounds around the palace are littered with trees, war artifacts and a couple gazebo's to sit down and relax in.

I worked from room to room and floor to floor over the course of about an hour and for the most part I was disappointed. Each room was another meeting room or conference room with a the decor evolving a little bit from floor to floor. The color red appears to have been popular when this building was decorated.

The basement was more interesting then the rest, and included what appeared to be actual equipment from some sort of important moment in history. What I enjoyed about it even more though was how awkwardly these office spaces were set up, usually one desk centered in a room, surrounded with multiple radios or telephones and then a single filing cabinet in the back corner. Working at a place like this could drive someone crazy.

After exploring everything I finally ended up on the roof of the palace, which was a nice relief after exploring 4 stories of museum. Looking around you can appreciate the garden around the palace, the helicopter parked on the roof and some of the buildings downtown. Most importantly there is a kiosk right at the very top of the steps where you can buy some ice cold beer.