Aimless Morning in Ho Chi Minh

Due to some sort of singing competition across the street from my hotel, I woke up early this morning and decided to make an early start to my day. As made my way out from the hotel I was immediately bombarded by passing motorcycles, shop owners yelling and me, and humidity that worked up a sweat within minutes.

I figured if I walked south I'd hit a river at some point, and eventually I did, but it was kind-of a subsidiary of the main river and was far from beautiful. The only activity around here was a couple bums rolling around on the grass so I snapped a photo to at least have something to show for a mile of walking and turned back around.

On my way back north I noticed I'd been bit up by some mosquitoes, of course I should have realize ahead of time this might be an issue, but between arranging my visa and finding a place to store my luggage in Beijing I had to forget something. I decided to walk into an market place alley down by the river where I figured surely I could find repellent, but the reality was that nobody understood a word I was saying in here and the closest I got to repellent was a giant can of Raid.

Going north I scanned for a decent place to eat, nothing too high or low end. I eventually located a simi hole in the wall type place which a couple precooked trays to choose from. Other then the flies around the place trying to land on my chop sticks, it wasn't half bad. I enjoyed a decent seafood breakfast for 22,000 VND (1.042406 US).