I went up to Chatswood on the train from Sydney earlier in the week to see what this name on the map meant. After arriving I walked down the street to see what this place was all about, what I found wasn't much. Basically this place was one single street with Thai and Korean places along it. There was a Westfield mall attached to the street, however I've seen two of these already and wasn't quite ready to see another

After walking up and down the main drag I found The Orchard  right where I had gotten off the train originally. Basically when you realize that you have just wasted your time, your mind makes up something to appreciate, this place was just that. I got the open burger and had a couple beers here, the open burger was the highlight of the trip but probably the most dull highlight I've seen in a while. I think this day-trip was a fail, however one mans trash is another mans treasure so I might as well inform anyone who's interested.

bar at The Orchard
View from The Orchard
burger at The Orchard
view of The Orchard from outsied

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