WoyWoy + Fisherman's Wharf

I had another day free during the week and found the town of WoyWoy on the train station map, it was an hour away so I figured it would be a good day trip. When I arrived I found a small core town with slim selection of establishments, 2 bars, a real estate office, and a mc donalds sums it up. I passed all these and came out the other end at the wharf, which might as well have been made from toothpicks and chewing gum.


From here I found a little pathway and decided I'd walk along it, and that surely there would be something of interest at the end. I walked for a a while, and began noticing that people were only going the opposite direction of me. After 2 miles of walking the path curved away from the water and into the end of a small desolate suburban road where I found a dead bird. I think the walk would have been better had I taken a cab down to the dead bird then walked back toward the wharf area because the walk back long, painful and left me on the verge of heat exhaustion.

Once I got back to the wharf area where I started there was this restaurant appropriately named the Fisherman's Wharf, outside someone was waving around dead fish like a circus act to attract pelicans while a crowd gathered around them. According to the fish wielder, when pelicans are hungry enough they turn cannibalistic and eat each-other, this was enough to sell me on the idea of eating here. I decided on squid with squid ink sauce and a salad, the way the ink sauce smelled and tasted gave me the feeling I was an animal eating a bloody corpse or something, which I guess I was. The cannibal thing stuck in my mind throughout the meal which was a great compliment to the heat exhaustion, dehydration and hunger.

cannibal pelican
inky squid
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