Newcastle at Night

Realizing my holiday would soon be coming to an end, I decided I had one final chance to get far out of town. I decided I would take the train 3 hours up to Newcastle, where Britain sent their most criminally insane convicts. After I got there I found my hotel conveniently located 50 meters from the beach and immediately went to see what it looked like before the sun set.

looking south on Newcastle shore
looking north on Newcastle shore
I then walked inland toward Darby Street where I was told I'd be able to find a place to eat and have a beer. The place I found was called 5 Sawyers, which seamed to be primarily a tapas bar. The neatest thing about this place was the lighting, it was very non-directional with colors chosen to bring out the surroundings of each light. The effect created by the lighting design here was an ambient glow of comfort. I chose the duck liver with pickled onions for my dinner. It had a strange green topping over the liver, but underneath was a wonderfully livery treat.

5 sawyers from outside
chick pointing at 5 sawyers
tables @ 5 sawyers
bar @ 5 sawyers
duck liver
cross section of my liver
After my liver, I found my way down to the Brewery to get a beer. The Brewery is right on the water and offers a decent variety of beer and food plus a little gambling room. Looking from deck you could see the bay and the moon glancing off of it, with an occasional fishing vessel floating by. I decided to try my luck at the slot machines and managed to turn 1 dollar into 10 over the coarse of the hour. So if you're feeling lucky hit this place up,you might be able to use your gambling profits to pay for your beer.

clock tower on the way to The Brewery

bar @ The Brewery
balcony @ the brewery
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