Newcastle at Daytime

I woke and checked out of my hotel on the morning of new years eve, and walked down to the beach to see what type of activity there was. The heat and the coastal breeze worked well to make it feel like a great summer day, great enough that after walking up and down the beach-side path and witnessing my first topless sunbather I celebrated with a beer at a beach-side cafe.

After my beer I walked through the main shopping area and over a bridge to Honey Suckle Street. There's a board walk there that goes for a couple of miles with a ton of restaurants and a ferry that goes over to the north shore.

After walking the entire boardwalk I decided to plot down at the Dockyard and get a bite to eat. There's a nice view out of the open air entrance and they had a 15 dollar calamari dish which suited my needs. The calamari dish was a bit deceiving however, the chefs it seams have discovered how to make french frys and calamari in a similar shape and color, so the fry's are camouflaged making it look like the plate is completely full with calamari. Either way this place was a decent stop before turning around after a 2 mile walk.

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