Pho Laboratory

I noticed the sign for Pho Laboratory just north of Workers Stadium a couple weeks back, however not till today did I get a chance to check it out. From the outside you might expect a typical dodgy place for locals of the surrounding hutong, but inside it's freshly remodeled to make any westerner feel at home. The meal selection consists only of pho, rolls and sandwiches, but they also have a selection of sweets and offer Vietnamese beer and coffee. I ordered up some pho dac biet, cha lua pork rolls and a hot coffee.

The feeling inside here was truly reminiscent of places I ate during my last visit to Vietnam. The soup contained tender sirloin, tripe, tendon and flank steak in an extremely addictive broth, lucky after slurping down all the broth I was given an extra serving to go along with my remaining noodles. The humidity caused by the boiling broth in the kitchen combined with the heat from the illuminated sun roof formed a micro climate in the restaurant,which left me sweating as I finished up my delicious Vietnamese coffee. If you happen to be hungry next time you're in the area, check it out, this place is far more unique then your average Gongti eatery.

Pho Laboratory from the street
Non smoking area with sun roof
Vietnamese Coffee
Cha lua pork roll
Pho dac biet