Day At Bondi Beach

Today I made the walk down from Bondi Junction to Bondi Beach on the east coast of Sydney. It's about a two mile walk, but not a bad journey when you know there's a cool beer at the end of it. The first thing I noticed about the area was the rock faced bluffs surrounding the beach.

South of Beach
North of Beach
Beach at Bondi
I stopped in the first place along the stretch called Icebergs as I'd seen it on google. For some reason you have to sign some papers to get into this place, I guess that makes it more exclusive or something. I checked the menu but food here would be too expensive to bother with, so I just went with a beer and checked out the view from the deck. This like another place I saw at the Domain, has a pool right over the ocean.

outdoor seating at Iceberg's
pool at Iceberg's
indoor seating at Iceberg's
Icebergs Dining Room and Bar on Urbanspoon

From Icebergs I walked along the path down to the main drag to find a more affordable place to eat lunch. I eventually found this taco place called the Canteen, the guy I ordered from looked pretty high. When my food came out it confirmed this suspicion, as I ordered a salmon taco, and instead received a pile of fried prawns.

prawn at the Canteen
inside Canteen
As I continued north I became interested in a The North Bondi RSL Club which sported a pretty nice balcony, however before checking it out I walked past to see if anything else interesting was along this road. All I found was a small place called Adore where I stopped for a beer before heading back. Again at RSL I ended up having to sign more papers before walking inside. RSL had a decent drink menu, a view from the deck area, some slot machines, and a sports betting area. For the most part it felt like someone just threw all this stuff together under the assumption that if you forced people to sign a paper they would think it was a cool place to be.

view from coffee shop
view from deck at RSL
inside RSL
slots at RSL
sports betting area at RSL
As it got dark I headed home and caught a couple snapshot of the beach at low-light.

that's Icebergs on the left