Sydney CBD

I needed to buy a towel today so I decided to walk over to Sydney CBD. I wasn't really sure where to go so I dropped into a bar for a drink at the Westfield and asked the bartender. He directed me over to Myer's and my goal was complete, which left me with hours of time to explore. I was dawn northward by the glimpse of the Sydney Harbour Bridge I could see at the end of the road.

I found my way to the waters edge at Dawes Point where a crowd had gathered to watch a cruse ship leave port. While every person in sight was magnetically drawn toward this ship I fought the current and made my way uphill.

I had seen some signs for Shangri La and decided I wanted to track it down. After some meandering I ended up in a bar called Harts Pub which was pretty cool on it's own. I noticed the guy next to me chowing down on a gigantic steak sandwich, it looked good enough I know I'll be back. After talking with the bar tender a bit I found that Harts was semi attached to Shangri La and the entrance was 50 meters away. I made my way over and found my way up to the 35th floor where I was able to snag a seat at the window. The wine and beer list was a great menu to chose from but more importantly the view is amazing, especially at sunset. If you get a window seat, be sure to protect it, people tried to steal mine while I was ordering more wine!

Blu Horizon Bar, Shangri-la Hotel on Urbanspoon