Thanh Long

Thanh Long is on Crown Street near Cleveland. This place looks like an old shack from the outside, and a modern shack from the inside. Even though it seamed like a shack, they still tried to make it a formal eating experience. Walking into this place you could tell the owner had probably gotten of the boat from Vietnam a couple years ago. We ordered the Fried seafood and Fried Pork,  when our plates came out they both looked about the same, however the taste was delicious. The taste of the shrimp was good enough to escape the breading and shine on your taste-buds. The pork dish must have been marinating all day, it tasted as good as pork belly, although I was caught off guard by the bones. This was the most authentic feeling and tasting Vietnamese place here so far.
Thanh Long from outside
view from inside
seafood dish
pork dish
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