Beresford Hotel

The other night I investigated the bar at the Beresford Hotel near Darlinghurst. The establishment is 2 stories, offers indoor and outdoor seating and has a cool balcony on the second story. They are also are set up for bands to perform on stage. I spend slot of my night out on the balcony talking with people, eventually it got so filled up that they refused to let anyone onto the balcony until someone else exited in order to meet the maximum occupancy requirements. After several beers, I ordered a burger and some calamari from the bar and gave up on trying to get back out to the balcony. The burger was pretty average, but at least it was only 10 bucks, the calamari was the same price and probably wasn't quite as good of a value.

Beresford from outside
upstairs bar at Beresford
seating area upstairs
band playing upstairs
outside area downstairs
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