Baccomatto Osteria

Walking through Darlinghurst the other day I passed a little restaurant with a bar inside called Baccomatto Osteria. I hadn't noticed this place before as it's kind of hidden east of Crown street. Inside I found a great selection of wines and beers all from Italy and ordered myself a Menabrea beer to go along with a squid dish. The beer was a nice change and the Italian's running the place made enjoyable conversation, but when my dish came out disappointment set in. The meal only had a couple of peaces of squid, scattered between some rock looking spongy bread things. I have no idea what this spongy shit was but I'm sure it had zero nutritional value. I won't go back to this place unless I fee like drinking some Italian alcohol.

Baccomatto from the street
Wine selection
Looking outside from the bar
Squid with Spongy Rock Things
Baccomatto Osteria on Urbanspoon