Cowbell 808

This morning I found myself in a state of confusion and derangement. Between washing my clothes with a peace of paper in the load and almost cutting my arm off while trying to smack a cockroach in my kitchen sink, nothing seamed to be working out for me. So I did what I always do in these situations, I walked toward the bar. On the way my stomach churned as my body ached for food and I felt I might not make it to the bar, so I stopped half way at a cafe called Cowbell 808. Normally this place is too crowded for me to feel comfortable in, but it was late enough in the day at this point that the energy had leveled off. I ordered myself the Bacon and Egg Sambo for 10 bucks. This sandwich wont get you stuffed, but it's just the right type of plate if you need something easy on your stomach after a night of heavy drinking. My only complaint about this place would be the chairs outside which couldn't have been less comfortable.

Inside Cowbell 808

Egg and Bacon Sambo
Cowbell 808 from outside
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