Cronulla Visit

On the train back from Bondi Junction in my previous post, I saw some advertisements for a beach town called Cronulla. This lead eventually to some googling later that night where I discovered that the train route that goes to and from Bondi Junction from Central also goes south of Sydney to to Cronulla. I decided on this day that I'd hop on the train and see about this place.

Train to Cronulla
chick with a nice chair on the train
By the time I arrived at about 4pm the activity was already dying down as I could see many of the kiosk owners closing up shop. I did a walk down the main drag which was scatted with cafes and shops until I hit the end, to my disappointment there was only 1 bar opened along this stretch. 

downtown Cronulla

I made my way down to the beach to see what a beautiful overcast day would look like at Cronulla Beach. To my surprise there were people catching waves in the surf. The beach walkway took me back toward the train station where I'd just come from. I could see that there wasn't much here to keep a late afternoon tourist entertained on a Saturday.

walkway toward toward the beach
Beach Cronulla
Beach @ Cronulla

Seeing how dead the area near the train station was I went back to the far end of the drag where I had seen some activity on the walk down toward the beach. I went into Zink Bar to order a beer, but the wait was so long just to talk to a server that I decided I would checkout the Greek place above it called Opah's instead. Here I ordered Salt and Pepper Calamari and got a glass of beer to go along with. The calamari came out red for some reason but really hit the spot for 12 bucks, giving me just enough energy to make it back to the train station and get out of this place.

Zink Bar and Opah Greek in Cronulla
Zink Bar + Opah's Greek
Zink Bar Cronulla Outside area
Zink outdoor area
Zink Bar Cronulla
Zink Bar
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view from Opah's
Opah Greek Restaurant Cronulla
inside Opah's
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