Snek Spotting @ Boracay

After a whole day spent mostly arguing with Cebu Airlines and Citibank, I realized I'd be spending an extra day on Boracay. My extra day was cloudy as another tropical depression was working its way over the area, but I figure Id make the most of it by walking north along the beach until I found something new.

Pathway along cliffside

Second cliff-side
The trail wound along the edge of a cliff and through some caves, after crossing the beach to the north I found myself entering a walkway which split up in several direction around the rocky outcropping. Navigating these I eventually hit a barrier where I was asked for a large sum of money to go any further, so I decided Id backtrack. About 25 feet below where I was on the cliff, I found a bar at the sea level.

Pathway down to bar
After a couple minutes drinking while I read a book on my Ipad, a group of people invited me over to drink with them. We sat around for a couple hours and consumed 2 bottles of Gin while it got dark. While we drank one of the girls at the table would point out at the ocean and yell 'snek' or 'tirtle', prompting everyone to run over to the guard rail to get a look. Every-single time there was nothing to see by the time we got there, leading me to believe that 'snek' girl might be drunk to the point of hallucination. Finally on maybe the 10th time I heard 'snek', when I showed up at the scene of the crime there was a real snake slithering up a cave-wall.

"Snek" girl

Gin and Juice