Huangguoshu Waterfall

Huangguoshu Waterfall National Park is located about 40km southwest from Anshun near the town of Zhenning. The park has a rather picturesque landscape and contains 3 waterfalls, Huangguoshu pubu is located on the Baishui river, it is the largest of the 3 and also the tallest in all of Asia. There are buses going here every 30 minutes from both major bus stations in Anshun. When you get to the local bus station at the town of Huangguoshu there is a ticket office where they help route thousands of tourists through the park every day.

If you have enough energy you can take a walk up to go inside the waterfall, they dug a horizontal tunnel at about half the height of the waterfall. The inside of this looks like the line for a ride at Disney Land or something, but the change in perspective is really nice.

Disney style tunnel behind waterfall
After checking out the waterfall I went back to town and bought my ticket back to Anshun. There was a 45 minute wait so I used the time to search the local restaurants for some food that might be exotic to me. What I came across was a smokey pork and tofu fish that tasted nice enough to reminded me why I came to Guizhou in the first place.

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