Anshun Stone Village

Located a few kilometers upstream from the Huangguoshu waterfall is a local village called Shitouzhai Buyi. The village is built almost exclusively from stone, and the Buyi people living here are famous for making wax dyed fabric. My journey to get here took me through a connection at Zhenning, after which you can almost watch time reverse with each block you drive through until you're surrounded by primitive farm terraces.

Surrounding the stone village there is a new bike path for tourists, and a couple restaurants, but on the inside it's pretty much just some people going about there lives. I walked around in here for a while, and then continued outside of the main gate on the riverside. There are pathways back and forth between every structure and nothing to prevent you from exploring except the occasional growling dog.

Village entrance
River outside, I crossed this, it almost ended badly...
Not sure what this is, wax die?

While passing one house a lady invited me in to try and sell me some of her dyed fabric. Inside I bought the least expensive thing available and then as I was on my way out noticed a ladder going up to the rooftop. When I asked she was excited to have me climb up to the top, she followed and showed me the grass she was growing in a miniature greenhouse while I took the best photos of my day.

Walking along the river south

Lady selling her fabric
Grass on the roof

To finish up my visit I crossed the river and tried out one of the barbecue places on the river side. They were able to produce pork vegetables, and even some dark German beer to satisfy my needs. The pork was smothered in what appeared to be syrup, and served with the popular local spice.

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