Breweries in Taipei

I managed to hit 4 breweries and 1 food street during my day in Taipai, here is the highlights:

Best House Made: Le Ble D'or

The feeling in the place was a bit corperate and awkward, however the beer on tap here was smoothly balanced, enough that I enjoyed each one in the flight. I tried the seasonal also, however the flight was what made the deal for me.

Best Bite of Street Food: Dumpling stall near the east entrance of LinJiang street

A small dumpling shop with a long line serving crescent and baozi shaped dumplings. I know this because I ate at 3 street food stalls before falling in love with this place.

Best After Work Hangout: Beer and Cheese

Fully stuffed from the street food I wasn't in the mood for any cheese, but I stopped in and gave their beer sampler try, today the focus was citrus beer, with a "citra sunshine slacker", a "hipster ale" and a "day hike session ale". Overall the atmosphere in the place was easy to relax and disappear into your thoughts, probably the type of place to come kill brain cells and read or write when you need some space from reality.

Best House Made Draft Selection: Jolly Brewery

The atmosphere here is not conducive to thought, at least not intelligent ones. The positive side of the place is the sampler with 6 house made craft beers, including a weizen, pilzsner, pale ale, stout, scotch, and a special (march beer in this case). Being a creature of repetition, I fell right in love with the scotch and the stout.

Best Draft Selection: Taihu Brewery

They also serve a sampler so I snagged one for myself. Anderson Valley Blood Orange Gose, Cornodo Blue Bridge Coffee Stout, Founders Nitro Coffee stout, and 55th street amber (Taihu made). This selection beat all the rest of the places today.

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