After arriving at Baoshan I made a visit to Taibao Park on the very west side of town, there is a trail you can walk along here which takes you from a lake at city level to the park at the top of the hill. This whole trip I've seen see that the people around me are surprised to see a foreigner and sometimes are shocked enough they even say 'lao wai' out loud and point at me. This has happened at least a couple times a day during this trip, but never have I experienced anything like the 45 minute walk to the top of this hill, I heard the word 'lao wai' literally about 100 times as one by one I passed by people who looked absolutely shocked at the sight of me. By the time I got to the top of the hill the word 'lao wai' was beginning to cause my body to twitch.

Blowing smoke rings

On a side note, this town might not bee too safe. When I was asking the hotel bell hop where the nearest bar was he made a point to say that it is dangerous to go to the bar alone, anyway I thought this guy was an idiot and went on my way. On my way back from the bar after it was dark, I started getting approached by an abnormally high level of prostitutes when I neared my hotel. Later I went out to buy a beer at the closest convenience store, and on my way back there was a guy on a motorbike with another guy standing beside guarding him, the guy on the bike appeared to be forcing the services of one of these girls against her will right on the side walk in plain view.