Heshun Village

Heshun Village is about 1 hour north of Lianghe right next to the town of Tengchong, it's surrounded by pine tree filled hills, farmland, and a beautiful lake at the edge of town. In the past the residents of this village were known for developing trade connections with surrounding countries, almost every family living here would have a member or relative who regularly traveled to neighboring countries for business or trade. This town has similar qualities to Lijiang, however it's much more embedded into nature and it hasn't been quite as terrifyingly commercialized yet. In Lijiang when you reach the edge of town, your surroundings immediately become urban, here you basically walk into a forest.

I only spent a day here, but I used the small amount of free time I had to make a visit to the ancient village of Qiluo. This sits on the edge of Tengchong with the same ancient architecture and city design as it had a thousand years ago but not yet exploited by tourism, it's a more preserved specimen of the past.

Temple outside of town

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